South Western USA

I used my summer vacation to explore the southwestern parts of the United States of America. My friend Karoline who stayed in the States as an Au Pair girl for one year decided to join a tour from Trek America and did the registration for me as well. For I liked the idea of having somebody with me who already knows a lot about the country, I was very happy about this suggestion and really looking forward to the adventure. Travelling in a small group, knowing that all things would be organised - it was hard to wait any longer ;-) All I had to do was to pay - and I found this a very convenient arrangement.

The members of our group

After I had met Karo in Pennsilvania, we went to Los Angeles where our tour was supposed to start. When we entered the lobby of the hotel in the morning we immedeately recognized our tourguide Zach, as he was wearing T-Shirt with big letters on it saying: Trek America. But then my eyes got bigger and bigger as I realized that except from Egbert, a guy from Holland, all the members of our group were young and pretty girls. They were from South Africa, Germany, Ireland, France, Australia (the country with the cangoroos) and Austria (the country without cangoroos but famous musicians). Anyway, the two men of us got some "support" in San Francisco. Silvain from France joined our group, after he had been able to overcome some troubles with his passport. But there was no time for talking to him and make friends, for we wanted to start the tour and Egbert and me as the only men had to load the van at first.

Bianca from Germany, sometimes a little late.
Claire from Ireland, the first Irish I ever met.
Egbert from Holland, likes fluids as there are water and beer.
Gaelle from France, does rock climbing like a mountain goat.
Gernot from Austria, creator of this page.
Jodie from Australia, after one year as Au Pair on the move to England.
Justina from Germany, knows most telephone boxes in the South-Western states.
Karo from Austria, knows most Hard Rock Cafes in the South-Western states.
Leishan, Miss South Africa, Oceania... from South Africa and always smiling :-)
Lucie from Germany, likes to do bear watching.
Mona from Germany, best friend of Bianca, sometimes late.
Silvain from France, equipped with a brand new pass port.
Susan from Ireland, it was nearly impossible to get her on video.
Our tourguide Zach from California, knows every rock in Yosemite NP and was a really great guide. Thank you! Our van from Detroit, home for two weeks (during daytime).
Our route.

And of course we also had a song on our trip. You can hear it right now (at least I hope so).

The people *** From Los Angeles to San Francisco *** In the streets of San Francisco *** Yosemite National Park *** On the way to Las Vegas *** Route 66 - Grand Canyon *** San Diego & Tijuana *** Mickey Mouse!!!